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GES is a technology development company focusing on the Casino Table Game market. Our products offer highly flexible and cost effective solutions by utilising leading-edge web and Android technologies.

GES is actively developing Table Game Progressive and Bonus systems, and new ways to play casino table games utilising an electronic gaming platform that combines table games with gaming terminals and mobile devices.

Our Products

Poker Room Bonus
A progressive bonusing system for live games including poker.

Lucky Tie
A house funded progressive for Baccarat.

Lucky Ball
A simple and exciting side bet for roulette tables.

Product X
We can't tell you its name, but we can say it's a completely new way to play roulette!

Poker Room Bonus

A full-featured, low-cost progressive bonusing system suitable for peer to peer poker games as well as dealer table games.

GES Progressive supports two type of jackpots:

  • Players opt in (via an illuminating pushbutton mounted in front of each player position)
  • House funded (all players are automatically opted in for every game)


  • Utilises low-cost wireless Android devices at the gaming tables which removes any requirement for running network cabling to tables.
  • Web-based Management Console means that Supervisors and Managers can monitor and administer the system from any PC in your organisation.
  • Fully configurable matrix of games, jackpots and win levels.
  • Opt-in and no-opt-in jackpots individually configurable
  • Displays show current jackpot pool and win animations, and can be run on low-cost computers or Chromeboxes.
  • Display graphics are completely customisable to suit your property.
  • Certified by BMM

Patent Pending

Increase your roulette revenues and player excitement with the addition of this side bet to your roulette tables.

  • Easy to play
  • Option of layout-only game, or fit an under-felt light box to your tables for additional excitement
  • Base game remains unaffected
  • Paytable ranges from even money up to 250-1
  • Variants are: Standard, Lucky Ball Classic 3, Lucky Ball Classic 4, and Double Hit 3


Watch a video of Lucky Ball in action below:

Product X

A brand new concept, combining live roulette with gaming terminals.


Patent Pending

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GES founders Simon Witty and Harley Jackson
Poker Room Bonus dealer console mounted on table
Crown Casino jackpot cracks the ton!
Lucky Ball at G2E Macau 2015
Lucky Ball installation at Macau Sporting Club, Cork, Ireland
Poker Room Bonus at DEQ - G2E Las Vegas 2015
Ferrari Showroom, Wynn Las Vegas
Lucky Ball betting area

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